Does Target Drug Test Employees?

target drug test

Target Drug Test Policy 2020

Target Corporation is an American retail company and it’s one of the largest general merchandise retailers in the United States.

They operate stores in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with over 350,000 employees.

As a leading retailer, Target strives to have their team members provide superior guest service, work hard and have a passion for what they do.

Since the company itself has an extremely high reputation and serves so many customers, they realize drug use can lead to possible health, safety, and security issues. So, Target chooses to maintain a drug-free work environment and implements a Drug-Free Workplace (DFW) policy.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

According to the Target team member handbook, their Drug-Free Workplace policy informs team members and applicants the company wants team members with motivation, high productivity, and high levels of focus.

This means some they do not allow some activities at work and are grounds for corrective action and even immediate termination.

You cannot perform any of these activities during working hours on company premises. This also means you cannot partake in any of these in:

  • Parking lots,
  • Community property nearby,
  • Off-property worksites, or
  • When driving company vehicles.

Some examples of prohibited activities in the company handbook are:

  • Use, consumption, or possession of non-prescribed mood-altering, legal or illegal chemicals or drugs,
  • Misuse of non-prescribed legal drugs or misuse of drugs prescribed by a physician; buying, selling, offering, or receiving illegal drugs, and
  • Reporting to work or working while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The company explains in its Policy/Consent Form that drugs include “controlled substances and inhalants, but do not include drugs used as prescribed for an applicant or a team member by a licensed health care provider.” 

Drug Testing

Under the DFW policy, Target reserves the right to conduct drug testing on their employees. The company has the power to “require team members to report to a company-designated licensed health care provider for a physical examination (which may include breath, urine and/or blood testing for chemical substances).”

“Team members who fail to comply with the referral and/or recommendations/treatment of the physician will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.”

Additionally, the company may refer a team member to an Employee Assistance Program for assessment and/or evaluative testing.

Before Target hires an employee, they cannot start working until their drug test results come back. If you have questions about this policy, you should direct them to your human resources department. You can also flip through your DFW manual if you have any questions.

The following are the three types of drug testing: 

  1. Pre-employment – An applicant must take a drug test within 24 hours of the conditional job offer and pass the drug test before he or she can be hired.
  2. Post-accident – Any team member who requires outside medical attention or causes property damage may be required to take a drug test.
  3. Reasonable cause – A team member has acquired a reasonable suspicion that he or she has violated the company’s DFW policy and so can be asked to take a drug test. 

However, be aware state laws may vary, so they recommend you contact human resources about state-specific laws.

Getting Your Drug Test

If you are thinking about applying for a job at Target, keep this information in mind before you apply.

“Certain roles may require a mandatory drug screen as a condition of employment.” If the role Target hires you for requires a drug screen, you will be notified and prompted with the next steps of the screening process.

If the applicant fails to complete the required drug screen in the allotted time, the conditional offer of employment may be canceled. Accurate Background performs the drug screens for Target.

The applicant will complete the screening either at a testing location near his or her home, or on-site at the future work location. To get your drug screen, Target and Accurate asks you to provide a government-issued photo ID for confirmation of identity upon arrival for your screen.

Claims Posted Online

There are several claims on whether Target does drug tests on its employees. Check out the statements below:

A former employee on a Lead Team from Staten Island, New York on stated, “Yes they drug test”

Other employees posted on that “No drug tests for the target in Vestal New York. The only position that requires one is team lead or higher.” and “Hired on as seasonal worker and due to Covid-19, drug tests are not required unless you are hurt on the job or there is a reasonable cause”. 

A current employee who is a Human Resource Team Member in Philadelphia on says, “Only Team Leads and Asset Protection are subject to drug screening.” 

An Electronics Team Member located in Missouri on said, “No, unless a complaint from a customer arises suspicion.” 

A food service assistant in Merced, CA on said, “When you are offer employment, you go through drug testing.” 

Cattealatte on stated, “It may vary by store, but my store does not test new hires. Only if you get in an accident, or are being hired for the pharmacy. From what I have heard most target locations are like mine.”

Ajay Khakat, SEO Analyst at Techy Hawks on stated, “Target operates about 1,868 stores. Headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ~360,000 is the number of employees. Does Target drug test? As a rule, they do not drug test during hiring. But since Target has so many locations and different types of job positions, I advise to contact your local Target in advance and ask about their drug testing policy. If you are already employed, then you should remember that Target reserves the right for a random drug test. If you look intoxicated or get hurt at work, then you will be asked to take a drug test.” This statement is upvoted by Kathleen Bednaz, a Logistics Team Member at Target.

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