About Us

Using a quality product review site is essential before making any purchase online these days. With an extremely crowded marketplace, it can be tough to decide what you should buy. It can be even tougher to understand the ingredients in some of the products you buy. So, The Healthy Patron wants to help guide you in making the right purchase in the health, fitness and nutrition industry. Whether it’s protein power, blenders, or skin cream we want to help guide you in making the healthiest purchase possible.

Why The Healthy Patron Started

The Healthy Patron was started to help people like you find the information you need for a wide variety of the products you want. Instead of going to multiple websites to gather the specific information you want for a certain product, we will have it listed here. We do comprehensive research across the industry and update it frequently. In each product review post you will find 10 different products and the pros and cons to each. You will also see competitive pricing here compared to other outlets.

Why Choose The Healthy Patron?

Here at The Healthy Patron we know you want to buy the healthiest and highest quality products on the market. Being duped, or having to return an item is no fun. That is why we provide with the best products on the market. Our research is extremely in depth and each product is chosen based off of many different factors including ingredients, reviews, taste, quality etc.

We appreciate you visiting our site and hope you find our information useful in your buying process.