What You Need to Know About Sprouts Sushi Wednesday

Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the best and highest quality health stores you can shop at. They have great deals every day of the week and they are constantly trying out new, healthier products.

Whether it’s produce, meats, frozen foods, skin care products etc. Sprouts Farmers Market has what you are looking for. Surprisingly, many people do not know about about Sprouts Sushi Wednesday.

This is one of Sprouts best kept secrets that you should certainly try out. So, what is Sprouts Sushi Wednesday?

Each Wednesday Sprouts offers their Oumi sushi rolls for $5. There is no catch, or membership you need to be a part of. Whatever sushi roll you want, it is $5.

If you don’t have a Sprouts location near you, try out the sushi Wednesday at Publix!

Oumi Sushi at Sprouts

Here is a list of the types of sushi Sprouts has to offer:

  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • California Roll
  • Veggie Roll
  • Crunchy Shrimp Roll
  • Crispy Crab Roll
  • Philadelphia Roll
  • Dynamite Roll
  • Salmon Avocado Roll
  • Other Types Depending on Location

What is Oumi Sushi at Sprouts?

Oumi sushi is freshly prepared on-site by chefs at grocery stores, cafes, universities etc. At each location the chefs buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables to help ensure maximum freshness.

Also, the rice, vinegar, seafood, soy and other ingredients receive procurement and testing at their distribution facilities to maintain quality standards.

Finally, Sprouts sushi does not use artificial colors in the wasabi or ginger. They also offer multi-grain, brown, or traditional sushi rice with vegan and vegetarian options. Oumi sushi prides itself on maintaining the health benefits and authenticity of Japanese sushi.

Don’t Forget Your Chopsticks

All too often we forget to grab a pair of chopsticks when we are at the sushi counter in Sprouts. It’s always frustrating when we get back home and realize we have no chopsticks to enjoy our sushi!

So, recently we purchased Hiware Fiberglass Chopsticks. These work great and they are dishwasher safe. No matter what, we always have a pair of chopsticks now!

We did notice the colored versions of these will start to lose their color after a few washes though. The black pair holds up well!

🥢 Try Out Sprouts $5 Sushi

Even if you do not like sushi, you are still able to get a wide variety of deli sandwiches, wraps, or salads for $5 or less. Sprouts is always looking to keep their prices affordable and their customers happy.

So, next Wednesday if you’re looking for an easy lunch, or dinner try out Sprouts sushi. The deal runs all day and night, but if you wait too long you might miss out.

Here you can find a list of Sprouts Farmers Market locations near you.

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