A Full Review of Publix Sushi Wednesday

publix $5 sushi

Publix is a supermarket chain in the south with locations in six different states. Each Wednesday they have a “Publix Sushi Wednesday”.

This means each Wednesday Publix sushi is $5.

If you don’t shop at Publix, check out Sprouts Farmers Market. They also offer a $5 sushi Wednesday.

✅ Is Publix $5 Sushi Wednesday Good?

When comparing to other grocery stores, the $5 sushi at Publix is actually quite good. They prepare their sushi everyday in the store and they have a dedicated sushi prep station.

We wouldn’t say this sushi is great, but it is good. What makes grocery store sushi different from fresh sushi is the time it sits in a display case.

Once fresh sushi goes into the fridge, the rice starts to get hard and separate. Also, the toppings will get slightly mushy and lose flavor when comparing them to their fresh counterparts. (Don’t worry not really mushy at all).

Overall, your favorite sushi restaurant will taste better than sushi at Publix, but their sushi is still good. We think you should try it!

Types of Sushi at Publix

Here are a few different types of $5 sushi Publix offers:

  • Ultimate Chill Roll
  • Hot Crunchy Roll
  • Seaside Roll
  • Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll
  • Marina Plate (Tuna & Salmon)
  • Spicy California Roll
  • Chef Samplers
  • Rainbow Roll

How Can I Make My $5 Dollar Publix Sushi Taste Better

To make refrigerated sushi taste better, you can slightly warm it up in your microwave. Very slightly.

One of the best ways to do this is to put your publix sushi in your microwave and cook it for 30 seconds at a power level of 500 watts.

Anymore than this could start to cook your sushi and make it too warm. Gross. At 500 watts, it can make your rice more fluffy and soft. It can also help the toppings regain some of their freshness.

This tactic will not make it the same as restaurant sushi, but it can bring you closer to that experience. For five dollars, this is a pretty good trade-off.

If You Forget to Pick Up a Pair of Chopsticks at Publix

Too many times we forget to grab a pair of chopsticks at the sushi counter. So, we recently bought Hiware Fiberglass Chopsticks and they work great! They are dishwasher friendly and work like a charm.

The black version seems to hold its color well in the dishwasher, but the colored versions tend to lose their coloring over time.

🥢 Try Out $5 Sushi at Publix

Even if you have someone in your family that does not like sushi, there are other $5 options at Publix. One of these is the deli sandwich they offer. Publix wants to keep their customers happy and all eaters involved.

So, next Wednesday if you need an easy lunch, or dinner, try out Publix sushi Wednesday. This could be one of the best $5 meals you’ll ever try!

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