Market of Choice Sushi Wednesday in Oregon

sushi wednesday at market of choice

Market of Choice is a grocery store chain with locations only in the state of Oregon.

Each Wednesday they offer a special “Sushi Wednesday”. This means most of the sushi they sell has a discount price of $5.99.

Also, they prepare their sushi fresh daily and their sushi comes from the Hisso Sushi company.

While this deal happens every Wednesday of the year, many people do not know about it.

So, if you live in Oregon, or you’re just visiting, give Market of Choice Sushi Wednesday a try!

If you don’t have Market of Choice where you live, try out Sprouts, Publix, or The Fresh Market sushi Wednesday.

Hisso Sushi Rolls at Market of Choice

Here are some different types of sushi you can find on Sushi Wednesday at market of Choice. Keep in mind, they do rotate their sushi selection every few months, so each store can have different offerings.

  • Veggie roll,
  • California roll,
  • Crab salad roll,
  • Blazing California roll,
  • Chef’s special roll,
  • Snow crab roll,
  • Bagel roll,
  • Spicy roll, and
  • More.

If you do not like any of the rolls they offer, you can always ask the sushi chef to make you a custom roll. Custom rolls may be subject to an extra fee though.

With custom rolls you can get brown rice, vegetarian options and special options for your kids.

If you’re looking for something other than a sushi roll, you can look for a Japanese barbecue shrimp sushi burrito, or party platters!

Hisso Sushi Prides Themselves With Quality Offerings

According to the Market of Choice website, Hisso Sushi aims to offer the freshest ingredients for their customers. This often means they work with local growers to keep their promise.

They also pride themselves by never including artificial colors in their ginger and wasabi.

Hisso Sushi has been in business for over 20 years and they are continuing to expand across grocers, airports, universities and more.

Try Out Market of Choice Sushi Wednesday in Oregon

What are you waiting for? Every Wednesday Market of Choice offers a cheap and high quality sushi roll to its customers. This deal is perfect for an easy lunch, or dinner.

It’s only $5.99, if you don’t like it you could’ve spent more money on lunch at Chipotle.

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