Costco Salsa: Kirkland Organic Salsa

kirkland organic salsa
Costco Salsa

Why You Should Buy Costco Salsa

Costco brand salsa is one of the best salsas on the market. Not only is it organic, you also get a lot of salsa for how much you are paying.

Kirkland Organic Salsa Nutrition Facts

Many salsas at restaurants and on the shelves can pack too much sugar, or sodium into their ingredients. Also, depending on what kind of salsa you buy, there might be unhealthy preservatives added to help give it a longer shelf life.

Good news though. Costco salsa is low in sugar, salt and contains no unhealthy preservatives. Let’s take a look at the nutrition label below.

The Kirkland Brand

When Costco is offering a product under their Kirkland brand, they are not going to cut corners. Each food product they make is made with quality ingredients and care. The same goes for their other products.

They want the Kirkland brand to compete with the best companies in every market they are competing in. They also want to offer these quality products at affordable prices to their customers. This is just one of the many incentives they “offer” their members.

What to Look for When Buying Salsa

When you are buying salsa there are a few things to look out for. These include:

  • Sugar
  • Sodium
  • Preservatives
  • Natural Flavors


Many times store bought salsa can have large amounts of sugar added to it. You will usually see this in mild, or medium salsas. This helps give them the sweet taste people crave. In spicy salsas you won’t typically see this.


The biggest ingredient to look out for when buying salsa is salt. Many times salsa companies will load their salsas with salt to give it flavor. Sometimes they add so much that’s all you can taste. It’s also possible they don’t have a lot of other ingredients added to help give it a unique flavor profile.


What can make salsas become unhealthy is the preservatives added to them. many companies do not use unhealthy preservatives, but there are a few out there that do. The main reason they add these is to help give their salsa a longer shelf life. You won’t find any of this in Kirkland organic salsa.

Natural Flavors

Natural flavors is an interesting ingredient that is in a vast majority of today’s packaged foods. These “flavors” can come from a wide variety of sources. On your nutrition label it won’t say where this ingredient was derived from and there truly is no way to tell.

The best way to find out is to Google the different kinds of natural flavors and where they are derived from. One of my favorite examples is vanilla natural flavoring. This flavoring can sometimes come from beavers… Check this link out to find out what body part of a beaver it comes from.

Other Salsa at Costco

Kirkland organic salsa is not the only salsa sells. Below is a list of other salsa at Costco.

Kylito’s Original Salsa

Kylito’s is one of the best salsas on the market. It may not be organic, but it still has a short, quality list of ingredients.

Matteo’s Gourmet Salsa

Matteo’s is one of the most popular salsas on the market. This is one of the best “medium” salsas on the market. Great taste and minimal ingredients.

Costco Salsa in Review

Overall, Costco salsa is one of the best, healthiest and one of the only organic salsas you can buy. It’s low in sugar, salt and ingredients used. You are always better off buying products with a shorter ingredient list and Costco salsa accomplishes this.

If you are not happy with the taste of this salsa, there are plenty of others to try and a few others Costco offers.

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