The Best Oven Gloves With Fingers

oven gloves with fingers

In this post we will talk about some of the best oven gloves with fingers you can buy online.

Just like winter time, we are team glove over team mitt.

Having one of the best oven gloves in your kitchen is crucial if you do a lot of baking, grilling, etc.

While you are shopping online beware. There are many oven gloves online that do not live up to the standards they promise.

Also, many gloves only come in one size. So, people with smaller, or larger hands than usual may not do well with many brands online. If you fall into this category, shopping in stores may be your best bet.

We hope our post leads you in the right direction and can provide you with the best possible option for your home.

So, here we go! We’re going to jump right into it and give you more details to consider before purchasing your oven glove.

Gülife Oven Glove

Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

Ove Glove

#1 Gülife Oven Glove

In our number one spot we give you a “hot take” 😉 with the Gülife oven glove.

This oven glove has P-Aramid fiber which comes from Nomex & Kevlar. These are extremely heat resistant and we believe they are even thicker than the Ove Glove.

  • P-Aramid fiber
  • Comfortable
  • Non-slip
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-use
  • Ability to hang them in storage
  • Length
  • Color

#2 Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

If you’re looking to add a little more “dad vibe” to the kitchen, these may be the oven gloves for you.

With a skeletal looking exterior these gloves provide a little more fun to the cooking experience. They also boast a Nomex & Kevlar exterior helping their overall heat resistance.

  • Comfortable
  • Non-slip
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-use
  • Ability to hang them in storage
  • Unknown material

#3 Ove Glove

Ove Glove is one of the oldest players in the oven glove game. Withstanding the test of time is one of the biggest ways to tell if a product is a quality one or not.

Don’t worry, the Ove Glove is a quality product. There is just one factor that keeps it at the bottom of our list. Many times when you buy the Ove Glove online, it can be a knockoff version.

To make sure you are not buying a knockoff version of Ove Glove, double check who the seller is. If you are buying it directly from Ove Glove… you can most likely assume you are purchasing the “real deal”.

If you are purchasing the Ove Glove from an unknown seller, be sure to read reviews. Read through a few pages worth of reviews just to make sure.

  • Kevlar material
  • Comfortable
  • Non-slip
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-use
  • Many knockoffs sold online
  • Color

Other Ways to Use Your Oven Gloves

Outside of cooking food in your oven, you can use your oven gloves for various other activities.

Here are a few other ways you can use them:

  • Barbecuing,
  • Frozen foods,
  • Carving
  • Camping,
  • Plating, and
  • Various other activities.

Just because companies market these as “oven gloves” doesn’t mean that’s the only place they have use.

There are plenty of other high temperature tasks you can use these with. You can also use these if you are frequently touching extremely cold items. Gloves work well in the heat and the cold!

Let’s Talk About Heat Resistance

Most oven gloves claim they are heat resistant. Make sure you are reading this correctly. Most oven gloves claim they are heat resistant.

“Heat resistant” is not the same as “heat proof”. Just because a glove says it’s heat resistant up to a specific temperature, doesn’t mean it’s heat proof at that temperature.

With many new phones on the market, they boast that they are water resistant. They do not say they are waterproof.

These phones can only withstand water to a certain level, then they will begin to breakdown.

The same goes for oven gloves. Even though a glove could say, “heat resistant up to 800 degrees”, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can go and start handling 800 degree objects with ease.

According to NC State, some firefighter suits can withstand up to 1000 degree temperatures.

If a high-tech firefighter suit can withstand up to 1000 degree temperatures, can a $20 oven glove on amazon handle 800+ degrees? We haven’t tried this and we do not recommend you do either. Food for thought.

So, if you’re handling extremely hot objects, overprotect yourself. Don’t just try to use your gloves. Use gloves with towels or gloves with tools.

Getting a serious burn is no joke. It’s better to be safe than sorry here.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy Pot Holders Instead?

You can certainly buy pot holders instead of oven gloves. What we don’t like about pot holders is how they leave your hand exposed.

Also, you aren’t able to grip items as well with pot holders. There are many times you can slip when using pot holders and that can result in a burn. You can also set your pot holders down then touch a hot item with your hands.

What’s nice about gloves is that they always stay on your hands even after you are done touching a hot item. If you accidentally touch a hot item and you still have your gloves on, you most likely will not get a burn.

So, pot holders work, they just do not provide as much protection as a glove, or a mitt.

Should I Buy Mitts Instead?

Mitts provide a similar amount of protection when comparing them to gloves. The main differentiating factor with oven mitts is most of them do not provide as much grip as an oven glove with fingers.

When Should I Not Buy Oven Gloves With Fingers?

You should not buy oven gloves if you do not handle hot foods. If you are a microwave and crock pot warrior, you may not necessarily need oven gloves.

If you are baking, grilling and using your stove consistently, oven gloves may be a nice addition to your kitchen and your safety.

Final Thoughts on Our List of the Best Oven Gloves With Fingers

In our list, we have provided you with some of the best oven gloves with fingers you can purchase online. They are all similar, but they each have a few different features and ratings to consider.

Choosing the best oven glove is mainly up to you. There is no perfect oven glove on the market. Most people have different wants, needs and uses for these gloves.

Overall, not all oven gloves are created equal, but we think the gloves in this list can guide you in the right direction.

Additional Consumer Questions

Below are additional questions consumers may ask before making their final oven glove purchase.

What Should I do if I Have Big or Small Hands?

Some oven glove brands sell sizes specifically for large or small hands. This will be another buying option right next to the original listing if the brand offers this.

If you cannot find a brand that suits you, oven mitts or pot holders may be your next best option.

Are Some Oven Gloves Longer Than Others?

Yes! Some oven gloves only go just past your wrist. Others will go partially up your forearm. Having the extra length can protect you from excessive heat and burns.

Is the Grip Really Better Than Mitts or Potholders?

Yes! The gloves really allow you to use your fingers just as you would without gloves on. Oftentimes pot holders or mitts can be slippery to use. Gloves can provide you with the firm grip you desire.

Are Gloves Really Worth the Purchase?

This depends on your preferences and use. If you will use the gloves often, we think they are worth the investment.

Also, if you prefer a better grip when handling certain items in the kitchen, then gloves may also be the best pick for you.

If you don’t end up liking them you can use them for other tasks around your house. Some of these tasks could be, yard work or handling frozen food.

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