DSD Merchandisers Recalls Mixed Nuts

mixed nuts recall DSD merchandisers

DSD Merchandisers, Inc. from Livermore CA is recalling their salted and roasted mixed nuts.

The nuts in question are in 10oz, clear deli tubs and may have undeclared peanuts.

DSD made this recall announce ment on April 11th and the nuts in question have have best by dates of 12/28/20 and 01/01/21.

If you bought mixed nuts from DSD in the past week, take them back to the store to get a full refund of your purchase.

For more updates on this product check out the FDA’s ongoing announcement.

States at risk:

  • California (northern region)
  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

To get more information on recent recalls across the U.S. click here.

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