Where to Find Tapioca Flour in the Grocery Store?

where to buy tapioca flour

Short Answer: You will generally find tapioca flour in the baking aisle of a grocery store.

It is usually next to the other gluten free flours like almond and coconut.

The baking aisle usually has items like regular flour, cake mixes, baking soda, etc.

In the past, many grocery stores did not carry tapioca flour, but now most do. Since gluten free food items are growing in popularity, most grocery stores you visit will have it.

If they do not carry it, there will usually be a wide variety of other gluten free flours to choose from.

Where to Buy Tapioca Flour?

These days you can buy tapioca flour at most grocery stores. Gluten free foods are becoming more popular and tapioca is getting more use than ever before.

Sprouts Farmers Market

In Sprouts Farmers Market, you can find tapioca flour in their baking aisle. It will be close to the regular flour and other gluten free flours.


In Safeway you can find tapioca flour in their baking aisle. In this aisle you will find regular flour, cake mixes, baking soda, etc.

King Soopers

Inside King Soopers, you can find tapioca flour in their baking aisle. In this aisle you will also find other types of flours and different baking mixes.

Whole Foods

In Whole Foods you can find tapioca flour in their baking aisle. Here you will find a large variety of flours to choose from and other baking necessities.


Tapioca flour and tapioca starch in Walmart is generally with the rest of the different flours they carry. So, look for signs that say “baking”. Walmart is a big store and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for at times.

Common Ways to Use Tapioca Flour

Below are a few different recipes you can use tapioca flour with:

  • Wraps / tortillas,
  • Pizza,
  • Crepes,
  • Pancakes,
  • Cookies,
  • Muffins,
  • Banana bread,
  • Buns and,
  • More.

What is Tapioca Flour?

Tapioca flour comes from cassava root. Surprising to many, tapioca is a starch. So, it works well as a thickening agent when you add it to liquid-based foods.

How Long Does Tapioca Flour Last?

Tapioca flour can last anywhere from six to twelve months. It all depends on how you store it and what the expiration dates says on the package you buy.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it is not easy to locate tapioca flour in the grocery store. If this is the case for you, we feel your frustration.

Sometimes stores do not carry it, so you could be at a store that doesn’t have it. Also, some stores only carry a limited amount, so there is a possibility the store is out of stock.

No matter what the case may be, if you can’t find it, seek help from a store employee or the store manager if possible.

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