Where to Find Breadcrumbs in the Grocery Store

where are breadcrumbs in grocery store

Where are breadcrumbs in the grocery store?

Short answer: You will generally find breadcrumbs in the baking aisle, or even in the spice aisle.

Depending on the store you shop at, the baking aisle can also be the spice aisle.

In the baking aisle you can usually find breadcrumbs near the flour, pancake mix, corn meal, etc.

Also, store often carry multiple kinds of breadcrumbs you can purchase. Some of these include:

  • Panko breadcrumbs,
  • Italian seasoned breadcrumbs,
  • Whole wheat, and
  • More.

Below we will walk you through a few grocery stores and where you can find breadcrumbs in each.

Where Are Breadcrumbs in the Grocery Store?

Most stores keep these in similar areas, but some stores can differ. Below are a few nationwide grocers and where you can find breadcrumbs in their stores.


Breadcrumbs in Safeway are next to the flour in the baking aisle. Other items nearby include pancake mix, corn meal, almond flour, etc.

King Soopers

In King Soopers, you can find breadcrumbs in their baking aisle close to the different types of flour they carry.

Whole Foods

At Whole Foods, you can find breadcrumbs next to the spices. At the location we go to, they are directly below. Depending on the size of your local Whole Foods, this can differ.

Different Types of Breadcrumbs

Stores generally carry multiple types of breadcrumbs. Some of these include panko, Italian, and whole wheat.

Panko breadcrumbs come from white bread and have a much more flaky and dry consistency when comparing them to regular breadcrumbs.

Panko breadcrumbs generally go with fried foods because they absorb less oil and have that flaky consistency.

Regular breadcrumbs can come from a wide variety of breads. They have a super fine consistency compared to panko and do not have a dry and flaky texture.

Regular breadcrumbs often go well with stuffing, casseroles, burgers and more.

So, be sure to know what you’re cooking before you purchase breadcrumbs at the store. The type of breadcrumb you use matters!

Great Panko Breadcrumb Recipes

Here are a few recipes that panko breadcrumbs work well with:

How to Store Your Breadcrumbs

Store bought breadcrumbs can go in your pantry or a dark cabinet. These will have a “best by” date and since they are a dry product, you might be able to use them slightly after that date.

If you make your own breadcrumbs, they will not last as long. You should store them in the pantry, the refrigerator, or freezer.

If you plan to use them quickly, storing them in the pantry will work. If you plan to use them infrequently, store them in the refrigerator or the freezer.

How Will I Know if Breadcrumbs Have Gone Bad?

You can tell if your breadcrumbs have gone bad if there is mold in your container, or the smell of them is different.

This could mean moisture got into the package and there is now mold growing.

Final Thoughts

Many items are not where we expect them in the grocery store. You can generally find breadcrumbs in the baking aisle. If they are not there, look near the spices.

If you are still having trouble finding them, ask a store employee. They stock the shelves and can usually point you in the right direction.

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