Where Are Raisins in the Grocery Store?

where to find raisins in grocery store
where to find raisins

Short Answer: You will generally find raisins near the oatmeal and granola, or you can find them near the peanut butter and even in the produce aisle.

So, when it comes to raisins there is not one particular place to find them in every grocery store.

In most cases they will be near the oatmeal, granola and cereal. After that, check near the peanut butter then check the produce aisle as a last resort.

Once you find the raisins they will usually come in package that has multiple boxes within it, or you can buy them in a bulk bag.

As always, if you have trouble finding raisins in the grocery store, ask an employee, or the store manager for help.

Now, below we will list out where you can find raisins in a few different stores.

Sprouts Farmers Market

In Sprouts Farmers Market, you can find raisins near the granola bars and oatmeal. If you aren’t having any luck here, look for the aisle with peanut butter.


In Safeway we always find our raisins near the peanut butter. We usually don’t look in other places when shopping here.

King Soopers

Inside King Soopers, you can find raisins near the oatmeal, granola bars and cereal. Keep in mind, King Soopers is part of Kroger. So, if you shop at Fry’s, Fred Meyer and City Market this will often be the same.

Whole Foods

In Whole Foods, if you find the oatmeal and granola, you will often find the raisins. If your Whole Foods has a bulk section, they can also have them there.

Where Are Raisins in Walmart?

In Walmart, you will most likely find raisins in the cereal aisle. They are generally closer to the oatmeal and granola.

Common Ways to Use Raisins

Here are a few ways to use raisins:

  • Add to cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt,
  • Ants on a log,
  • Bake with cookies,
  • With pancakes,
  • Chicken salad sandwiches,
  • Salads, and
  • On bagels.

What Are Raisins?

Raisins are partially dried grapes. They usually dry for about three weeks before packaging. The drying process gives them their darker color.

How Long Do Raisins Last?

According to the USDA, raisins can last up to six months if you store them properly in your pantry. Once you open them, you can put them in your refrigerator to extend their lifespan further.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it is not easy to locate raisins in the grocery store. If this is the case for you, we feel your frustration.

If you ever find yourself wasting time looking for an item in the store, ask a store employee. They are often willing to help and know where most items are.

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