Safeway’s $5 Friday Special Deals

safeway friday $5 specials

Safeway’s $5 Friday is a unique sale they have every Friday.

Each Friday of every month, Safeway discounts certain items in the store to $5 price tag.

This can be anything from pet food, hair products, meats, snacks, etc.

There are limits to how much of each item you can buy. Outside of that, there is no special catch.

If the Safeway ad says an item is $5 on Friday, that item will be five dollars. If you try to go on Saturday and get the deal though, they will not honor the discount.

How Do I Find Out What’s $5 at Safeway on Friday’s?

There are multiple ways to find out what the $5 items will be on Friday. A few of those are:

Do Deals Differ By Location?

Generally, deals will be the same for stores in the same state as you. Once you venture outside of your state, deals tend to differ.

So, if your store is out of a $5 deal that you want, you can try another store nearby.

Some of Our Favorite Items to Buy on $5 Friday

Here are a few of our favorite items we like to buy if they receive the $5 weekly special:

  • Fruits (almost all fruit receives a discount at some point),
  • Vegetables (almost all veggies receives a discount at some point),
  • Chicken breasts,
  • Burger patties,
  • Laundry detergent,
  • Different cleaning products,
  • And more.

Safeway Even Has $5 Sushi Friday

Many Safeway locations offer a $5 sushi Friday. This means each Friday select sushi rolls and even poke bowls are five dollars. No questions asked!

Some Sushi rolls you can find for $5 include:

  • California roll,
  • Philadelphia roll,
  • Spicy Salmon roll,
  • And more.

Each Safeway location is different. Some have larger selections of sushi than others.

In order to find out if your Safeway location offers $5 sushi, you can ask the deli counter, or call your nearest Safeway.

If your location does not have $5 sushi on Friday’s, go check out sushi Wednesday at Sprouts and Publix.

Should I Try Out Safeway $5 Friday?

Yes! You can save some serious cash and get the opportunity to try some items, or foods you have not before.

If you don’t like the deals one week, you can always wait for next Friday! 🙂

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