Ketchup on Eggs | Is it Healthy?

eggs and ketchup

Like we say in many of our other posts, it depends. Adding a little ketchup to eggs is not going to make them “unhealthy”.

Overall, ketchup does not have a lot of calories. It just has a large amount of sugar.

If you pour a bunch of ketchup on your eggs, you probably will be eating too much sugar at that point.

The American Heart Association recommends women eat 25 grams per day and men eat 36 grams per day. So, too much ketchup and eggs could add a large amount of sugar to your diet.

What Type of Eggs Goes Best With Ketchup?

Generally, you see many people add ketchup to their scrambled eggs, but you can add it to any style really. If you are already adding your eggs to something that has another condiment, it probably is not best to add ketchup to that.

Why do People Put Ketchup on Eggs?

Many people put ketchup on eggs because they love the sugary taste it adds. Eggs are a hearty and fatty food, so adding an acidic food like ketchup can make this combo work well.

Other Ways to Enjoy Your Eggs

Here are some ways to enjoy eggs without ketchup:

  • With salsa
  • With chili
  • Add hot sauce
  • Add them to a sandwich
  • Omelette (of course)
  • Hard boiled
  • Poached (not easy)

For the Pro Ketchup and Eggs People

Here are some recipes to try out eggs and ketchup:

For the Anti Eggs and Ketchup People

Here are some interesting egg recipes without ketchup:

How Many Americans Eat Ketchup and Eggs?

According to CL Tampa, about 1 in 4 Americans eats ketchup with eggs. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many sources with survey information on this, so there could be more, or less people, who enjoy this condiment on eggs.

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